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A prepaid meter works similar to a prepaid top-up phone(“pay as you go”). You load money/units on your prepaid meter; this will allow you to use electricity to value of your units loaded.

Each prepaid meter has got a unique ID, the length of this ID changes from meter supplier to supplier. The typical length is 11 or 7 digits but in rare cases it can be 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 13. This number can be located on the card supplied with the prepaid meter. This meter number must be supplied when buying prepaid electricity.

To buy electricity is as simple as doing an EFT(Electronic Funds Transfer).Please refer to our steps on how to do this

It can be one of the following:

Scenario 1:

Your municipality does not support meter checks and you will have to select the municipality you fall under. Please CLICK HERE to do a manual check.

Scenario 2:

You have entered your meter number incorrectly, please make sure that your meter number is correct.

Scenario 3:

We do not support your municipality; please see if your municipality is on our list. CLICK HERE to view the municipality list. If we do support your municipality please contact our support team, they will assist you ASAP.

First log into your Profile and make sure the municipality is online. Then make sure you used the correct reference when you made the payment.

If the municipality is online and you still haven't received your token, please contact our friendly staff to assist you.

If you used the wrong reference for the payment, please contact us so we can help you get your token.

Log into your Profile and go to the My Meters page. You will be able to make changes to your meter numbers there.

Certainly! Just log into your Profile and go to your My Profile page.

Yes! You can view or resend any of your old tokens any time of the day. Just log into your Profile and go to your My Transactions page. You will have the option to view or resend any old tokens.

Yes you can! All you need to do is log into your Profile and add another meter on your My Meter page

This makes it easy for you to manage your prepaid token purchases if there is more than one person that may want to buy and receive the token on their cell number or email for a meters.

One Profile will make is easy to keep track of all your payments in your business or household.

No need for family members (Husband, Wife, Dad or Mom) to have a separate profile.

Companies can easily keep track and manage payments to multiple meters countrywide. Especially if is more than one accountant or person that makes payments for these meters.