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Since 1996, we have been providing innovative metering and utility management solutions to customers across South Africa. These customers range from private home owners to municipalities. We have now become one of the South Africa’s leading metering and utility management providers. First established by Barry Shackleton; he was then joined by Neal Douglass, Llewellyn Thomas, and the late William Erasmus. Together, they grew the company and expanded countrywide. Our Head Office still remains in George, and we have branches in Cape Town and Johannesburg.Today, we strive to continuously deliver quality services that meet our customers’ changing needs. This is coupled with ongoing post-sales support from a team of industry experts; ensuring the development of long-standing relationships built on trust.

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How To Buy Prepaid Electricity and Water ?


After you have followed the once off Registration process, you will receive our banking details via email and SMS to enable you to create a private beneficiary named Online Electricity

After this is done, to buy your electricity or water is as simple as making an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) from your online banking or banking App to Online Electricity.

Then 2 to 5 minutes later you should receive the token via email and SMS.

Do not use your banks own Buy - Prepaid - Electricity option, as this is not part of our system, and if these transactions fail, we cannot assist.

Where To Buy Prepaid Electricity and Water?

Buy Through Our name says it all.

We are specialists in prepaid electricity. provides facilitation of prepaid electricity and water tokens service as the main business and not as a secondary service like many other institutions.

We have a wide knowledge base regarding prepaid electricity and water.

This results in unsurpassed and personal service, especially where a client is having problems.

Can I buy prepaid electricity or water from another bank ?

Inter-bank EFT payments from Capitec, Investec, Discovery Bank, Bidvest, Mercantile and Old Mutual can take up to 2 business days to reflect in our preferred Nedbank account.

We can load these payments within 20 minutes if you send us a valid proof of payment (Payment Notification) from your online banking when the payment is made. These type of payments can only be loaded between 8AM and 8pm 7 days a week from a valid proof of payment. All proof of payments must adhere to a strict security test.

If you do not send a proof of payment, it can be delayed for up to 48 hours.